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Christ for Greece . . .

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Our Purpose

Hellenic Ministries is a Christian agency which serves as a sponsoring and support organization for men and women called to serve Jesus Christ throughout Greece, the Balkans and the Mediterranean world. “Christ for Greece and the Nations” has been the call sign of Hellenic Ministries from the beginning, and this focus still holds true today.

Now Is God’s Time for Greece

Hellenic Ministries (formerly Hellenic Missionary Union) is an international, nondenominational Greek missionary society following in the steps of the Apostle Paul—the first Christian missionary to the region.  HM beckons God’s people everywhere to consider the same Macedonian call that moved Paul in AD 40 to this spiritually needy land.

An Unevangelized Nation

In Paul’s steps, HM reintroduced open-air evangelism to Greece in 1981.  Costas and Alky Macris had been missionaries to Irian Jaya, Indonesia with the Regions Beyond Missionary Union.  There Costas became ill with a “terminal” tropical illness.  Certain of his impending death in 1979, doctors gave him no hope for recovery.  God had different plans, miraculously restoring his health.  With this, a dream from Costas’ childhood—to see his homeland embrace the gospel—was given birth.

Although the Greek language was used to translate the Old Testament Scriptures and then to record the apostles’ original writings, Greece needs the gospel today as much as the primitive people of Irian Jaya where missionaries first went only forty years ago.  Greece—though home to the ancient Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople (Istanbul)—has few who understand the gospel of faith alone by grace alone. 

Although Christianity is part of the national heritage, few Greeks have a living relationship with Christ.  There are about twenty thousand evangelical Christians in the country— just two tenths of one percent of the ten million citizens.

Christ for Greece . . .

With evangelism at the keynote of our many ministries, HM is penetrating all levels of Greek society.  Summer evangelistic campaigns cover much of Greece and its numerous islands.  International teams working with Greek young people fill the public squares with pantomime, music, multimedia and testimonies, attracting crowds and providing opportunities for individual witness.  Throughout these month-long evangelistic outreaches, Christian young people from Greece and abroad are discipled in servant-leadership and face-to-face evangelism.

HM’s other evangelistic ministries include regular programs for children, youth, women, and target groups like doctors and other professionals, in addition to the use of theater, film and newspaper evangelism.  In all these activities, we seek to spread the good news of the God’s grace and forgiveness while growing God’s kingdom.

Church planting teams follow up the evangelistic efforts.  They include missionaries, national pastors, and Greek lay workers.  This allows the team to move on, leaving new believers connected with a source for spiritual nourishment.

For more about our ministries, check out our Ministries Page.

. . . and the Nations

HM promotes world missions from Athens and prays for many Greeks to catch the vision.  We see Greece as a stepping stone and also a resting place for foreign missionaries who minister in the Arab world.  And because Greece shares a border with Albania, HM ministers to this ex-communist, largely atheistic nation undergoing constant upheaval.  Teams of young people deliver aid to Albanians in border towns and hold evangelistic meetings. 

In Athens, HM provides shelter, literature, and practical care to refugees from many lands.   Weekly Love Meals for refugees demonstrate the love of Christ to those who need it most, and regular outreaches to the urban homeless bring the hope of the gospel to the darkest depths of the human condition.

For more about what we believe, refer to our Statement of Faith.

Also available is a list of our Board of Reference.

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